30 Day Challenge

With a sane diet, moderate exercise, plus the daily use of Charantea for 30 days is our formula for achieving normal blood sugar levels.  Thus on our shopping cart, the first 3 items are packaged orders good for 30 days. So you know you really made that best try.

For the first package, these are Charantea in capsules which will last for 30 days when you take them 2 capsules after every meal at 3 meals a day.  So you are consuming a total of 6 capsules a day.


For the 2nd package it includes our tea bags good for 30 days.  Each day has its own easy pack sleeve which contains 3 tea bags so you know you will enjoy 1 Charantea tea after every meal and assume you do 3 meals a day.


For the 3rd package it includes a combination of capsules and tea bags.  Mix and match according to your needs. You know now from the above that 2 capsules = 1 tea bag.